Agriculture Machinery Certification Program

Agriculture Machinery Certification Program


The mandate of this section is to ensure safe and quality farm mechanization technologies use in the country by end users irrespective of the promoters.

The section executes the testing services based on the developed standard (AMC and BSB) and certify technologies including goods and services provided or to be used by industry and societies. The unit will also assist BSB in formulating and harmonizing farm machinery standards. The laboratory will also work in close collaboration with other laboratories within and outside Bhutan to enhance the standards and ensure safe and quality products in the country.  All government organizations and Farm Machinery Corporation Limited shall be made to comply for certification so that private sector will also join in to ensure safe and quality machines in the country.

Major testing facilities shall be stationed at Paro. However fundamental testing facilities shall also be made available in regionals based on the region and requirements during the laboratory and field tests there. The activity shall be led by this centre in regionals also.


The farm machinery standards shall be drafted and approved in collaboration with Bhutan Standard Bureau. The regulation shall be sought approval from the Department of Agrculture .It shall be guide documents for laboratory services to carry out the test and eventual certification and awareness for public information.


Based on the developed and approved farm machinery standards, the laboratory service shall be strengthened for farm machinery testing both in laboratory and in field in collaboration with RAMCs based on region specific with standard test codes and procedures.