Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

This section shall be mandated to perform the following activities

i.                    Formulate and implement approved policy and guidance on farm mechanization in the country

ii.                  Organize and execute the planning of the five yearly and yearly plans and targets

iii.                Monitor the plan activities of the organization and also the respective sections

iv.                Provide awareness and advocacy on the farm mechanization programmes

v.                  Evaluate  and endorse  mechanization technology needs in agriculture, forest and livestock

vi.                Plan and promote new farm mechanization enterprises on direction of the Department of Agriculture

vii.              Formulate  donor assisted farm mechanization projects

viii.            Technical monitoring of  FMCL hiring rates


Terms and reference for Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring:

Leads the design and implementation of a monitoring framework to track delivery against Farm mechanization goals and objectives in Bhutan; including establishing baselines to measure and support the performance of the programme.

  • Evaluation:

Leads the analysis of data collected under the monitoring framework for assessment of progress and areas for improvement, as well as the implementation of summative evaluations.

  • Reporting:

Provides regularly synthesized and updated reports on the status of implementation against Farm mechanization goals and objectives.

  • Delivery:

Ensure that all the section activities are aligned and delivering towards Farm Mechanization goals and objectives.