Posted on:04 Apr 2016

14 Geog Power tiller operator from Chukha and Haa Dzongkhags were trained at AMTC, Paro. The one month comprehensive training has  completed on 30th March 2016. The training excuted to the operators are expected to enhance improve skills in implementation of the hiring services which inmcludes operation and maintenance of the geog power tiller respectively.  Over the past the AMC trained about 170 geog power tiller operator from 18 Dzongkhags all togther excluding Thimphu and Paro. Training Centre is conducting the Geog power tiller operators (GPO) under Thimphu and Paro from 1st April at AMTC. Hence the remaining participants will be trained only after completion of this training.

With the recent inititative of the Government to provide the power tiller each to all the 205 Geogs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests had completed distributing the power tiller to all the Geogs and upon the completion of distributing power tiller the Agriculture Machinery Training Centre under AMC had exceuted the training to all the Geog Extension Officers under 205 Geogs. As of now AMTC had trained about 173 Officers including present ongoing training from Thimphu, Paro and Haa Dzongkhags. Finally the remaining Dzongkhags from Chukha and Zhemgang will begin from 11th April 2016 at AMTC. The training to the officers were provided to elaborate enhance skill in implementation of hiring services in the geogs. The training also included with the basic operation and maintenance, of the power tiller. The training are focused mostly in practical and the office of the training centre has been conducting the training at AMTC, Paro as well as in the regional center Samtenling Sarpang Dzongkhags.