Posted on:20 Aug 2018

With the overall objective of improving/enhancing the farm mechanization in country, the team from AMC participated in 4th Mushroom festival held at Geneykha. During 2-days festival the team from AMC took chance and advocated people on importance of farm mechanization. The AMC made prototype machines, farm machinery test code, standard and different training availed by farmers were explained to visitors through various means like poster, pamphlet and etc. For some visitors, it was one of much awaited program and henceforth AMC will participate in such festival every year as far as possible to educate people on mechanization and to attract more youths in agriculture to boost our economy. Besides that we were also educated on importance of mushroom and in particular Matsutake mushroom which plays a huge role in the socio-economic development of the geog. Matsutake mushroom is a major source of cash income for the Geney farmers.