Posted on:20 Jun 2017

Agriculture Machinery Training Section under Agriculture Machinery Centre is organizing an Advanced Farm Machinery Training to the extension officers who had already attained the basic course. Almost 60 extension officers from many of the Dzongkhags are attaining the training from today till June19, 2017 at Paro. The training is aimed to further improve the services to the farmer machine owners by the them. It is aimed that after the training, the participants shall be well versed to the trouble shoot the technical problems in the field.

Based on the post survey conducted to all extension officers, the advanced training had been tuned to answers the issues raised during the survey. The training module consists of trouble shooting identification for power tiller, post harvest machines and farm electricity. Agriculture Machinery Centre hopes that this time many of the difficulties faced by them shall be solved during the training as it had been costumed to their needs and requirements. The training module was prepared by experienced and expert staff of AMC. The participants are divided into ten groups with instructors