Posted on:28 Jun 2017

The Regional Agriculture Machinery Centre coordinated and implemented the field day program on direct seeding techology to the farmers of Chuzagang under Gelephu Dungkhag on 26th June, 2017. The program was attended by 30 farmers along with SFaMP-II Project Coordinator, Local leaders, Extension officer, technical staffs from RAMC and Agriculture Machinery Research Section. The main objectives of the program are to show case them with the direct seeding and weeding technology which can be adopted in the area. The farmers of the area are aware and acquainted with the traditional direct seeding method through broadcasting, however, there was huge losses of seeds not having uniform laying of seeds and weed control. The technology on seeding and weeding were explained in details in terms of method of cultivation, reduction in cost of production, reducing the labour constraints, how to control weeds along with success of this techology in country like Sri Lanka and others. During the day, the farmers were made to use the direct seeding and weeding equipments to practically experience and adopt the techology.